A classic family drama from the 60- ies .

  • Actors : Bjørn Willberg-Andersen, Gry Aksnes,  Jade Hærem Aksnes, Ingeborg Mathiesen,
  • Written & directed by: Siv Aksnes & Niels Peter Hærem
  • Cinematography: Dag Harald Kvammen Andersen
  • Sound: Ad Stoop
  • Editing & sound design: Siv Aksnes & Niels Peter Hærem


The press wrote:

«A classic story about betrayal and desire….A sparkling aperitif with lash in the final point.» (Bergens Tidende)

«The scene for the amorous action is a fitting r0om in a clothes shop, a locality that seems to be well utilized, to put it like that…..» (Dagbladet)

«A stylish film about infidelity and revenge.» (Bergens Arbeiderblad)

«The film is stylish and beautiful.» ( Z-filmtidsskrift)


Festivals: The Norwegian Short Film Festival, The Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund, Bilbao Film Festival, Montecatini Terme Film Festival, Umeå Film Festival.

Cinemas:  Norwegian cinemas

Broadcast by: Norwegian national broadcasting (NRK), Norwegian TV 2. Danish TV2, German SAT 1, Canal + Scandinavia, Be-Ne-Lux and Poland

Distributed by; The Norwegian Film Archives, The Norwegian Film Club Association, The Norwegian Library Central



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